Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. I like that you are here! In my portfolio you will discover where my passion lies, what i love to do and what i am good at. Ready?

As a UX/UI & Interaction Designer in the making, I try to develop meaningful solutions for the real users of it. What is the point of a (c)licked app while the target group cannot use it at all? Indeed, nothing no. And that is precisely why i am here.

I involve real users intensively in the design process of a certain website, app or the like. This way i ensure that he or she can use it blindfolded, so to speak. And that the product has added value for them.

I find myself in the middle of the playing field, with the requirements and wishes of the user on the one hand and the mission and vision of the company on the other. To find a balance in this is something i am constantly working on.

How do I do this?

💬 User research
🔍 User testing
🦄 Brainstorming
💻 Prototyping

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